Since 1949 till today, Juan Messina S.A. is a company that has gradually grown to the extent of becoming into a group of the leading companies in the market of industrial chemical products, both in Argentina as well as abroad.

Ours is Latin America´s most modern plant among those that produce this kind of products, which places it in an avant-garde position. It supplies products to 85% of the domestic market with a permanently growing penetration in Mercosur countries.

The production of sulfur anhydride was the basis of its starting point. La ter, new products such as sulfites; sodium, potassium and ammonium bi sulfites; and their crystallization stages in their various combinations and formulations were gradually added. In doing so, the production has reached to the most dissimilar lines of business of wine making, food, canning, sugar, paper, petroleum, and glass industries, as well as to the basic chemical industries.

Nowadays, the company has the state-of-the-art plant in Latín America of this kind of products. This fact places it in a vanguard position, supplying up to 85% of the domestic market, with a growing and sustained penetration into Mercosur countries.

The company also owns a high technology liquid sulfur drying and scaling plant. The product obtained is used in the company's own processes and marketed for its different uses in the industry and in the agribusiness.

Juan Messina S.A. was awarded with the IS0 9002 quality certification for all its producing and commercial activities. This shows a valuable acknowledgement to its industrial and professional commitment since its beginnings, task which was undertaken with the greatest respect for the environmental and safety conditions.

Juan Messina S.A. - Industrias Químicas - Sarmiento 451 - Villa Nueva - Guaymallén CP (M5521GKG)
Mendoza - Argentina - Teléfono - Fax: (0054) (0261) 4450909 ....-....E-mail: info@juanmessina.com.ar

We have obtained ISO 9001 certification which evidences our products ´superior quality and personalized customer assistance. We firmly believe that excellence is the foundation our business growth is built upon.

This is why; the company continues to grow by developing new, improved services and by conforming to the highest quality standards while we honor our commitment to sustainable development and environmental care.


We strive to become your company´s strategic ally by offering and delivering industrial chemical products and services so as to help you improve your sales management.


Integrity: We prioritize respect, reliability, truth and honesty in the relationships with our customers, colleges, and suppliers.

Responsibility: We take over and fulfill our duties.

Flexibility: We adjust solutions to each company´s needs.

Team work: We encourage team work within the company, with customers and with suppliers.

Excellence We are constantly striving to improve the services we offer.