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Frankly, being a sustainable company is not a kind of fashion, it is a need. Either consciously or subconsciously, we are contributing to our planet deterioration.

As strategy-developing activists, it is important to assume a commitment that begins with us. It is made up of little actions that when combined, produce the echo effect we want. If we fail to develop joint common well-being plans we will end up being an obsolete company. It is time to let our imagination fly, innovate, fill with creativity and fight for the world we want to live in.

The sustainable growth is fundamental part of our operations, and for that reason we protect to the medio.ambiente, to our employees, neighboring clients and communities in where we operated.

In Juan Messina S.A. we are become attached to the highest standards of operation, that reduce to the maximum our environmental impact throughout the value chains. Our commitment is reflected in the development of new products and processes that do not affect the medio.ambiente, establishing strategies to take care of the resources of future generations.


Certificate ISO 9001:2000 demonstrates that our System of Management of Quality has been certified on the base of the norm of good practices and that it fulfills the same one. It is emitted by an organism of independent certification and it allows You to know that you can trust that we have implemented the internal processes necessary to fulfill the obligations.

Norm ISO 9001:2000, recognized internationally, is general. It is not a norm for product but that can be applied to any industry of manufacture or service. (ISO) has been created by the Organization the International of Normalizacio'n, and its objective consists of establishing international requirements for the Systems of Management of Quality.


A greater conscience of the sustainable development gives to the credible companies as far as its environmental performance a comparative advantage in the national and international markets. The System of Environmental Management certified test that our company takes active measures to fulfill its responsibilities.

Because the environmental regulations are more and more strict, like the application of the law; a System of Environmental Management helps to control and to administer of successful way more significant the environmental aspects us, for example: the emissions, the handling of remainders, the use of natural resources and the efficient use of the energy.